to love God.

to love God.

that is the call of Christianity.

It’s not about academics. It’s about relationship.

God is not after what you do. He’s after you.

I’ve felt the pressure to always have something intelligent to say. I’ve felt like I can’t say anything unless it includes a Greek word and it’s snazzy definition. I’ve felt like I have to fit into a certain mold of academic pursuit of God. But in reality? That’s not where God’s heart is at.

What kind of husband would tell his wife, “Okay honey, I want you to study what my name means and when anyone asks you what I’m like, tell them that.” No. . .no, no, no. The wife studies the character of her husband because she loves him – not because she needs a good intelligent answer to provide anyone who asks.

It is a joy to study a person you love. It is a joy to talk about their character, their deeds, just them. It is absurdly ridiculous for any Christian to feel obligated to study God’s word purely for the sake of academics and his own intelligence. It should, however, be completely natural and our greatest joy to expound upon our God simply because we love Him and we see His virtue.

The first commandment? Love God. Love Him. Love Him. And while that can and likely will include the more academic facts, that is certainly not all that this pursuit entails.

Loving God is knowing God as He is and enjoying Him as such. Friends, we are free to pursue God like this. In fact, that’s the whole idea. So let’s. 🙂


2 thoughts on “to love God.

  1. I just read your post tonight and it was just what I needed to hear. A good challenge to my soul, pointing back to what’s essential in the christian walk.
    I haven’t been on your blog for a while, but it’s still as refreshing. Praise God for what He does through you!

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