every moment there’s a choice.

whoever will be my disciple must
deny himself
take up his cross
and follow me.
matt 16:24

if you take up your cross, there is no doubt to you that you will die.
you are taking up your method of martyrdom.
a cross takes all your strength to carry –
you cannot hold anything else
when you’re carrying a cross.
it takes your whole life.
it’s a life of dying.

for HIS life.

is it worth it?
it is worth it.
He is worth it.

there is freedom, joy & LIFE found in denying yourself and taking up your cross.
because that is when you can truly follow.

every moment there’s a choice.
are you in?

Today last year, one of my dearest friends, Michelle, gave her life to God. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more glad or elated when I heard those words, “I decided to follow Christ” come out of her mouth. Michelle, this is for you. I am blessed, inspired, and convicted by the way you gave & give yourself fully to Christ. Keep pursuing Him with everything you have. . .more this year than last year, and more next year than this year. I love you.



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