a sermon to myself

this is first and foremost addressed to me who needs to hear it the most. 
and then you guys – I pray that it will encourage and build someone up for life
don’t be afraid of the unknown
because your unknown is God’s known
there is no reason to fear
He who has already gone BEFORE you
has paved a perfect way
and He lives INSIDE of you
and will walk through it with you
there is nothing in life that is too big for God to handle.
He knows what is going to happen
and how it’s going to happen
and He’s not going to let you go through it alone.
He is with you now and He will be with you then.
He is forever faithful and He is forever with you
He doesn’t view you based on your performance
but based on the perfect, spotless, righteous blood of Christ.
get outside of yourself.
do you know that your body is not going to last?
I’m not saying go have some weird out-of-body experience
but I AM saying that life with God exists outside of physical circumstances.
your life, your joy, your attitude, your words
are defined by HIM
and not by some momentary affliction.
life isn’t all about you
it’s about Him.
a thought life that is saturated with self will lead to death
but when you learn to take every thought captive and direct it unto Jesus Christ
life comes.
perspective makes all the difference, friends.
do you go to Him when you’re scared?
do you go to Him when you’re bored?
do you go to Him when you don’t know what to say or do anymore?
the world passes on
but God is always there
to be more specific, EMT school will be over in 5 1/2 months
but God won’t be
the scary stuff only lasts for a little bit
but He lasts forever
just keep your eyes on Jesus
and invest in what cultivates a greater love for Him
Jesus would never allow His disciples to be in a panic.
the one great crime on the part of a dicsiple, according to Jesus Christ, is worry.
whenever we begin to calculate without God we commit sin.
// chambers
and there in the deepening twilight
I seemed to be clasping a Hand
and to feel a great love constraining me
stronger than any command
then I knew, by the thrill of sweetness,
’twas the hand of the Blessed ONe
which would tenderly guide and hold me
till all the labour is done
so my thoughts are never more gloomy
my faith no longer is dim
but my heart is strong and restful
and mine eyes are unto Him
// holness [quoted in separation & service by hudson taylor]

3 thoughts on “a sermon to myself

  1. You did NOT just go about and write this. Wow, Sarah – these have been my thoughts exactly and this was just an added piece of God’s faithfulness. Just yesterday I found this Music Lyrics video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xPQwB2KQDU – I love that He is already there!! He is in control and we can trust Him who goes before us. He can see the greater picture so we can therefore rest in Him and go about that which He has called us to do in faithful obedience. God is good; all the time! I love you, my friend!
    ~ Morgan♥

    Jesus is so good! He is Faithful and True! Jesus is LIFE!!!

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